Thursday, March 6, 2008

Girl Thank you cards

Here are two of my new cards I made for a friend to give to her sister-in-law that is having twin girls! I like the purple one better because of how I mounted the elephant, but I still love them both. Later I will put more info on how I made it. Right now I have lots of cleaning tod do around the house! (joy!) :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I posted one of the cards twice so that you could be sure to see all of the details - specifically the thank you. These are cards I am making for a friend's baby gifts...I am really having fun with them! I think they are soooo cute!!! :)

Monday, March 3, 2008

This week's cards

Here are the cards I just made this evening. Several friends are sick, and two of the great-grandmother's are getting notes with pictures this week. The lighting is horrible in my craft room (sigh) but I really shouldn't complain. I will just have to find a new place to take my pictures. Now off to my Bible study and bed!

Cool Storage Idea

This is my new super cool toy! My Daddy found it for me at a local non-profit organization in Houston called NAM ( It was from an old dept store - to display costume jewelry on! It is AWESOME! We have a bunch of things that we are going to add to it, but for now I am using it to store a bunch of stuff that I want out of the little one's reach!! Now I'm on the lookout for stores that are closing and selling their fixtures and such! :)

Craft Area

Here are some pictures of my craft area in our guest bedroom. It is still a work in progress...hard to keep things neat and clean with a helpful 13 month old! I really like my area, but will be sad when we get our full size bed back from my parents because I won't have as much room. Oh well. At least I have a craft area, right?! :)
One side of my table is dedicated to my scrapbooking and the other to my other paper crafts. Tonight I finally made a board to put my cards and stuff up on! Like the Valentine from my baby?!